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On-Grid systems to power your homes for decades without any hassles.

Off-Grid Systems

Be Independent. Power your home through your own grid in Load Shedding Areas.

Hybrid Systems

Eliminate your bills. Switch to cleaner energy to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Need help in deciding your Solar Future?

We offer three different types of Solar Energy Solutions that will match your need. We deliver custom solutions to all our clients that is best for them according to their usage.

Our core values are Quality. Reliability, and 24/7 Availability for our clients. We monitor all our installed Solar Solutions regularly and inform our customers if their solar grid has even a little concern.

Confused? Use SolarFlare's Recommendation Tool

We have developed a tool that asks you a set of questions and recommend you the best solar solution according to scientific and engineering standards. Our AI Tool analyzes your load, location, budget, and intent to give you a perfect recommendation!

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